How to implement continue and break in SmartPy?

How can we implement continue and break functionality in SmartPy ?

SmartPy currently has no equivalent to Python’s continue and break to skip/abort loop iterations, as it’s not straight-forward to compile it to Michelson. Your best bet is to use a boolean variable that stops the iteration.

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Thank you . How you explain it with an example. How do we stop it using boolean. You mean using if else ?

Here is a made-up example that emulates break. As soon as the boolean variable brk becomes True, the loop body is skipped at each iteration.

  brk = False
  for i in sp.range(0,10):
      if not brk:
 += i # do something...
          if i == 5:
              brk = True # this is like 'break'

The actual loop doesn’t stop, but it shouldn’t be an issue unless the range is huge.

For continue you probably don’t need a variable, but can just restructure your code with an if statement. Happy to comment on a concrete example if you encounter any difficulties.

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