Smartpy CLI post 'new syntax' + contract deployment

Before the ‘new syntax’ update (version 0.17.0+) there was the Smartpy CLI that you could use to deploy contract. Since then the instructions regards to Smartpy CLI has been removed from the Has it been depreciated or what is the substitute for that? Smartpy Docker option doesn’t seem to offer that. Or if it does there is not very much details about the docker option.

Also, when using Smartpy docker version there seems to only be ‘smartpy test’ and ‘smartpy doc’ commands.

So what it the ‘correct’ way to compile and deploy contracts when developing with Smartpy? Should I use Octez client, Completium CLI, Taqueria, online IDE?

The deployment is removed from the CLI as you can do it with all the tools like those you mentioned.

The compilation has also been removed as it’s equivalent to writing a trivial test file:

def test():
    sc = sp.test_scenario([<modules>])
    c1 = <module>.<ContractClass>(my_parameters>)
    sc += c1
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