Connect existing wallet to online IDE?

I’m updating a tutorial to use the online SmartPy IDE and I realized that I can’t connect an existing wallet app to the IDE and use it to deploy contracts. I have to import the private key. Just wondered if that was intentional or if there was any way to connect a wallet app to the IDE.

Edit: I see that when you go to originate a contract, you can select a wallet app. Bit of a usability issue there.

You can connect any wallet as you discovered.

What is the usability issue?

Can you provide a link to the tutorial?

The tutorial I’m updating is here:

When I’m in the editor and working on contract code, I click “Wallet” at the top right and I see “Smart Contracts” and “Accounts.” I click “Accounts” and I see a screen with an “Add account” button. I click “Add account” and the only options seem to be to create a key or import a key, with no option to connect my wallet app. Am I missing some way to connect a wallet before it’s time to deploy the contract?

You’re not missing it.
The accounts page purpose is to manage accounts held in the browser.

There is no way to connect a wallet before it’s time to deploy. It may be a good idea to add such option but that’s not planned at the moment.

Got it. Thanks for confirming that I wasn’t missing something.